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Tim, Canton, Georgia, USA, 27 May 2012

Hi Brian,
I really think you’re doing things right. The store experience is fine. I like the products. The reason I have bought your products is the .99999 purity. Some have said that the silver macaw is more finely minted than the Andean cat, and in a technical perspective I can agree with that. Yet, owning and having actually held both in my hand I am more frankly impressed by the attractiveness of the cat. I bought the gold macaws for the relative screaming deal to be honest. $408 for a fractional ¼ oz of .99999 gold? Well played, and I’m in for a full oz of them. And, I am curious to see how that the macaw design may well be more fully realized for its technical attractiveness when minted in gold.
Don’t sweat the production delays and the harping of people who would rather complain than realize the benefits of big-picture-thinking in order to get something truly special. You have a unique product, well priced and intelligently placed in the market. It’s all good for me to go into it eyes wide open and wait a reasonable period, if needed, to get this product. Don’t miss it though, the primary attractiveness of your products is the .99999 purity, without question. Be well, and take this as my consent to distribute this email as you see fit to illustrate my high degree of customer satisfaction.

Derrick, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2 May 2012

Hello Brian,  I recently received my gold and silver coins over the weekend. Very well packaged and very beautiful coins. I am pleased with my order and your service. Hope to do business soon again.   Thank You!  Derrick

Jared, North Platte, Nebraska, 28 April 2012

Mr. Coladonato & Royal Silver family,   My shiny ones came in mail today,  WOW!  I'm speechless!  They're absolutely beautiful.   Folks around the world, if you read this, seeing these things in person are no comparison to looking at them on the computer.  U have to get them in your hands!  For everything this company stands for makes me proud & honored to own these coins.  Thanks again everybody,  GOD BLESS.  J.M.

Jason, Hong Kong, 24 March 2012

Hi Dante: Thank you for the email.  The certificate and coins arrived safely perfectly packaged and are beautiful works of art.  Regards,  Jason

Beat, Sweden

I have received my coins, Thank you! Once again I'm stunned by the details and how perfect every coin is minted. Great work!

Leslie M., Australia

Today I received my letter, club certificate, 1 Andean Cat, a Macaw and a 10 Dirham round. Thanks for that. After your emails to me, reading your website and other sources I was expecting to see something special when my rounds arrived. I can't find the words to describe my thoughts when I did see them, they are the most beautiful of any silver coin or round I have ever seen. Congratulations to you and everyone in the Royal Silver Company for producing such spectacular silver rounds. Your professionalism and caring for the environment make such production a role model for all other silver producers in the world. I will feel very proud when I show these to other people in Australia. Please tell all your guys to keep up their good work, I recognise and appreciate such outstanding achievement, well done!

Jeff, Canada

Hello Dante, I wanted to tell you that I received my Andean Cats and Blue Throated Macaws today. They are fabulous! Love em! I wanted to thank the whole company for a great job on both the silver and the service. You people have a great personal touch with the emails and shipping pictures, I think it sets a new standard. Thank you again, Jeff

Roger, Australia

I was very pleased to take delivery of my two shipments of coins. You ask if everything was in order, absolutely. The coins are delightful to behold, the finish, and the incredible pure whiteness of 99999 silver make your coins special and unique. Expert packaging and fast delivery, both first rate. Thank you for a pleasant transaction, and please convey my thanks to your entire team. Best Regards, Roger

Angela, London, UK

Since taking out my Royal Silver Club membership I have been very impressed with the service and responses to my emails. I have received my free Blue Throated Macaw coins as per your membership offer and they are truly outstanding. My additional order of Andean Cats arrived within a few days of placing my order and they too are wonderful and I was impressed that you dispatched these without payment up front, just like you said you would under the agreement as a Royal Silver Club member. The Fed-Ex tracking service worked really well and I could see the delivery process moving forward each day. Really looking forward to seeing the coin you are producing exclusively for Club Members. Keep up the good work and the exceptional service, it is what makes a business stand out, just like your coins! Thank you. Kind regards, Angela

Jim, Arizona, USA

Dear Royal Silver Company, I want to thank you for generously donating 10 specially minted one ounce 99.999 fine silver coins to the Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation. Each coin depicts the Andean cat, gives its local Spanish name Gato Andino, and English name Andean cat. The reverse side shows the Royal Silver Company name and logo. The coin is uniquely attractive and striking in its brilliance. During our fund-raising event in August SWCCF conducted a silent auction. The coins that were offered sold for $125 each, raising money for conservation efforts benefiting small wild cat conservation efforts, including the Andean cat. SWCCF’s dream has been to make the Andean cat serve as a flagship species. Royal Silver has made this dream a reality. By producing this special coin and making it available to collectors, Royal Silver has called attention to one of the rarest cats on earth, and one lacking general awareness even to those people living in the four range-countries native to the Andean cat. The Andean cat is threatened with extinction by direct killing, environmentally irresponsible mining activities, the loss of its prey, competition with other species, and the loss of glaciers due to global warming. Our partnership would not be possible were it not for the extraordinary efforts invented and implemented by Royal Silver that eliminates environmentally damaging actions mining companies typically incur. Perhaps the greatest threat to Andean cats is the loss of fresh water caused by diversions made to support mining processes. Royal Silver’s innovative use of rain water and recycling overcome the most dangerous threat to Andean cats and serves as a model that other mining companies could and should adopt. Royal Silver Company serves as a model company that, through innovate technology and creative engineering, provides employment, mines and refines a product with global demand, avoids harm to the environment, and contributes to Andean cat conservation efforts. SWCCF looks forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with Royal Silver Company.  Thank you.   Dr. James G. Sanderson, Ph.D.   University of Arizona.   President and Founder, Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation.


David, USA

Hello Dante Yes, I received the coins and certificate very soon after being shipped and I was delighted with the quality of everything. I am very happy and satisfied .... Thank you, David

Kasper, Sweden

I received my silver bond and coins today and just wanted to tell you: The coins are beautiful. I am proud to be part of the Royal Silver Club, both knowing that I receive the purest silver coins available with the most exquisite detail I have seen in a coin and that you are involved in environmental projects such as rescuing the Andean Cat and the Macaw. My children appreciate this even more than I do - and they love the motifs on the coins. Keep up the excellent work! Kasper

Albert, USA

Thank you very much for the coins. The package and coins came in perfect condition. Excellent service !!! Albert

Beat, Sweden

Everything was excellent, awesome quality silver coins. Great packaging, smooth delivery. Im very happy! Thank you! Beat

Gary, USA

I did receive the coins Tuesday afternoon. Wow. The coins truely are a master piece. Yawl take pride in your work and it shows in the end result. Very professionally packaged and wrapped too. They will certainly make nice Christmas presents for everyone. What a beautiful gift the coins will make. Brian has hit a home run in my book! Finally the US & the Canadian Mints finally has some competition from Royal Silver.  Thank you Dante, Brian and everyone at Royal Silver for your exquisite silver coins.

Roger, Australia

Hi Brian, I have just got to see the Blue-Throated Macaw I purchased on ebay. An absolutely outstanding product without a doubt! I have compared to proof coins from Canada, Perth Mint and others, and find that the surface of your coin to be a better colour, and more reflective, very similar to rhodium plated. I am impressed, and would like to congratulate your team on the winning of export awards too. Best Regards, Roger

Adam, Wisconsin, USA

I received everything. The coins are the most beautiful of my collection. I’m very happy with them.

Alex, Newtown, Australia

Wow Dante! Yes, I got my Royal Silver Andean Cats yesterday.  I have to say, that was super quick.  You reduced a 4-5 week waiting period down to a matter of a few days.  Thanks so much!   And I am extremely pleased with the product!   The little cats look beautiful!  The detail of the facial features of the cat are brilliant.   And I can actually tell just by looking at the polish of the rounds that the silver is of supremely fine quality. I will be showing them off to p retty much anyone who cares to look.  And I will be giving most of them away as presents to family and friends.  So I will definitely be back for more after that.   There is no huge hurry for the extra Cat that you will be sending, but of course I do look forward to receiving it.  I would like to express my gratitude to you and everyone at your company who was involved in doing such an excellent job at creating such a magnificent round, Yours truly, Alex

Alex, Newtown, Australia

Excellent Dante! Just got my Macaws, a week before I had expected them.  And, wow! you guys really outdid yourselves.  They look sensational!  Please give yourself a big pat on the back from me.  Everything I said about the Andean Cats is just as true of the Macaws.  There is that Royal Silver sheen: that super-fine silver glow, that rich radiance unique to the rounds you produce.  And the imagery is spectacular!   I don't know who does your designs, but they are some of the best I've seen - up there with the superb Perth mint coins.   And thanks for the bonus Cat!  I greatly appreciate it.   With gratitude,  Alex.


I am just getting more involved in silver for investment and some resale.  Your silver has a great reputation and when I did resell, I had buyers offering to buy as many as I have for a nice premium above silver spot!   You have something special thats for sure.  Thank you for your consideration, I would really love to be a part of this membership. Scott

Kimberly, Iowa, USA

I received my 2011 Andean Cat silver coins and they are stunning, gorgeous!!  Thank you!   They are exquisitely crafted!   Great job!  I am grateful for your efforts, your attention to detail and quality!  I am very happy with my purchase.  I just can't say enough about how magnificent they are!!!!

Brian H., Australia

Hi Everybody, Just wanted to let you know I received my Royal Silver Andean Cat .99999 silver coins/medallions/rounds today that Brian promised me. What can I say?. . . . I am completely blown away! These coins are almost supernatural. They are in perfect condition and shine like a supercharged lighthouse. That wildcat almost jumps off the coin face at you. It is about as 3D as you can get without going to the classic 'high relief' model. The artwork detailing is incredible and more than rivals our fave Aussie Kookaburra - our Koala coin isn't even in the race. The cats look great on the YouTube vids but nothing can prepare you for when you see them in your own hand the first time. For a startup company and their first effort at production this result is absolutely nothing short of breathtaking. I do see a problem though; I don't think I could ever part with such a bewitching coin. I have Aussie Kookaburras, Koalas, American Silver Eagles and Canadian Thunderbird Maples. When silver spikes at $100 ($200?) I can say for sure that the cats will be the last to be sold – if ever I can bring myself to sell them at all! My 7 & 8 year old boys have already claimed inheritance rights to them as they are as spellbound with them as I. Looking at the coin close up and studying it one can't help but ponder the things that actually need to happen to bring this wonderful specimen to reality - to make it. I revisited the Royal Silver site and read through it all again. Something that is easy to forget is that these people making this silver icon are doing it PROPERLY. They are not devastating the lives of remote villagers but enhancing them. They are not polluting beautiful jungle areas with chemicals like the other silver producers. Indeed, they are giving back to the environment by giving some profits to save the gorgeous Andean Cat from extinction and, going forward, other endangered animals will benefit from Royal Silver's magnanimous culture.... Everybody wins - a fairdinkum example to others on how to do it right.


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