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Explore your opportunities with Royal Silver Company.

We offer the world's purest silver rounds--.99999 pure Ag--independently certified by SGS.  How many other investments have increased this decade as much as silver?  Our Andean Cat, Blue-Throated Macaw, and Leoncito rounds enjoy the highest premium on the re-sale market of any non-government minted bullion.  Our ARGOX technology was awarded a full US patent.  Our silver bond program--The Royal Silver Club-- has successfully protected our Members' wealth, even during down-swings in the price of silver.  Our pilot-scale ARGOX plant acheived continuous operations. In Cochabamba, we are building a large-scale silver smelter using ARGOX.  We are the only other company in Bolivia, other than Praxair, that produces liquid, cryogenic oxygen.   We are the only company on the planet that can transform raw sulfide rocks into the world's purest coins, all under one roof and with zero emissions to the environment.  Investors are welcome to inquire if shares are available.  Management's goal is to build Royal Silver Company into the most important silver smelter, refinery, and mint in our region of the world.  Thank you for your interest in Royal Silver Company.

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