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Hailed by Yahoo Finance, The Wall St. Cheat Sheet, and other prominent sites as the World's First Silver Bond, The Royal Silver Club is a creative financing model that allows both the investor and the company to profit in a WIN-WIN framework.  For the first time a company pays bondholders in pure silver coins.  The Royal Silver Club offers investors the best of both worlds: payment in beautiful, high-premium silver coins delivered FREE OF CHARGE, plus the option to purchase our world's purest coins at a wholesale price, without any risk that your capital investment will lose value.  Royal Silver Company obtains low-cost financing, more word-of-mouth advertising, and a new wholesale market for our coins.   You make a high return on investment.   Thus, both parties win.

A Brilliant Success

The Royal Silver Club Members were protected when silver plummeted in September 2011.   Other people who invested in physical silver, ETFs, or mining company stocks are still losing money, since silver crashed from $45 to $26 and currently trades around $33-- but those fortunate individuals who invested in The Royal Silver Club have received six months or more of silver coins absolutely FREE.   With no cost basis in their silver, they cannot lose.  The US Dollar has strengthened against other world currencies, so Australian Members, for example, have even made money on the USD/AUD exchange.  Royal Silver Company is pleased to report that all Members have received their free coins, other than pending orders, all optional coin orders have shipped, and those Members wishing to exit have received full refunds.  You are invited to please read the brochure to learn more. Thank you.

Brian McConnell, CEO, explains The Royal Silver Club.

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Brian McConnell, CEO, updates The Royal Silver Club.

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A win-win investment opportunity.  Hailed as the world's first silver bond. Are you searching for an investment that protects your wealth?   An income-paying investment you can exit at any time?   An investment that pays you in the world's purest silver coins?  Then please consider The Royal Silver Club.

A Win-Win Investment.  The Royal Silver Club is a win-win investment.  You obtain a high-yield income with added benefits, and we obtain financing for expanded production.  Your income is higher than our financial cost.  A win-win for both.

Exclusive Coin Just for You.  As a Royal Silver Club Member, you will receive advance opportunities to purchase our new coins before anybody else.   The Members'-only coin this year is the Leoncito, also known as the Pygmy Marmoset, the smallest monkey in the world, found in the rain-forests of northern Bolivia.

How Silver Coins Are Made
Simple Terms.  Each membership costs $5,000.   The Memberships are liquid--you can sell them back at any time for full purchase price.  Each membership entitles you to one free ounce of our world's purest silver coins every month, delivered at no cost to you (we pay all shipping and handling--no matter where you live in the world--we deliver 3 months at a time to save on shipping costs).  Each membership entitles you the option to buy an equal amount of our world’s purest silver coins for wholesale price-- $3 over spot silver per coin for an amount equal to the amount of your membership(s)--every year!   This option will pay for the cost of your investment.  When you order your wholesale coins, you don't pay us until after the coins have been delivered.

Income and Liquidity.  The Royal Silver Club provides you with income and liquidity.  You are exposed to the upside in both silver and US dollars.   (If you don’t believe the US dollar has much upside, then you really should join The Royal Silver Club to buy our silver coins at wholesale.)

What is the return on investment?   From 11% to 30% annually, depending on the price of silver, whether you purchase additional limited-edition world’s-purest silver rounds for wholesale, and the premium placed on our coins in your part of the world.  (In all countries, our coins re-sell for more than the spot price of silver--and usually for more than our online-store price.   Wholesalers sell our coins in large quantities for $10 over spot silver.   Please realize that our world’s purest silver rounds enjoy one of the highest re-sale premiums of any non-government bullion coin.  Our coins are collected around the world.)
TAX-FREE. Our coins arrive tax-free to most countries.
Contact us to learn more: +(1) 713-893-8195 or skype: royalsilver2


We can offer you free silver, because we are the smelter, refinery and mint.   We have calculated our risk/reward against other alternatives for capital and have developed The Royal Silver Club to provide the lowest-cost capital for us and the highest return for you.  The Royal Silver Club is a win-win investment.


If silver increases in price, your return on investment increases also.  You might wonder how we can afford to pay such a high return?  It's simple.  We can afford it because silver does not cost us what it costs the public.   And if silver increases in price, your free coins won't cost us any more, because we can hedge against the increase in silver in our trading account, by buying a silver futures contract that locks in the dollat/silver ratio at today's level.  In other words, we will manage the downside risk, and you will receive the full upside potential.  Remember: we are the smelter, the refinery and the mint.  Silver doesn't cost us what it costs the rest of the world.  That's why we can afford to send you free silver coins, no matter how high silver goes!


Your membership is a written contract, enforceable by law, stating that we will buy back your membership with 30-days notice, that we must buy back your membership at the end of two years, and that we will send one free silver coin per membership per month until we buy back the membership, that you have the yearly option to buy our coins for the wholesale price of $3 over spot, and you pay for your wholesale coins only after they have been delivered.  It's that simple.
If you have ever owned one of our world's purest silver coins, then you know our integrity.


Each certificate will be numbered and registered, so you are assured only 400 will be sold.


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