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We plan to demonstrate ARGOX technology to silver mining companies around the world.  Completion of our large ARGOX plant will allow us to become Bolivia's national smelter.   Royal Silver Company will produce zinc, lead, copper, and silver, in addition to high-quality ammonium sulfate fertilizer.


Upon signing purchase/smelting contracts with mining companies in Mexico and Peru, Royal Silver Company will finance plant construction, either taking the company public or through private financing.  In Mexico, only one smelter operates; in Peru the only smelter has been shut for financial and environmental reasons.  Royal Silver Company will offer junior silver mining companies an alternative to traditional smelters for selling silver-bearing sulfide concentrates.


Pre-IPO shareholders' patience will be rewarded when Royal Silver Company expands earnings and develops share liquidity.  Since 2008, the value of Royal Silver Company has increased 300%.  Current shareholders will see their investment substantially increase in value by 2011.



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