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In conjunction with Silver Industrial Group, Royal Silver Company is completing a modern sulfonation plant.  The sulfonation plant will be a source of acid for the ARGOX plant within the context of sustainable development.  This plant utilizes modern pollution-control systems and is essentially zero-emissions. Additional plants include cryogenic oxygen plants, reverse osmosis water plant, and an evaporator--condensor system to renew spent liquids.  These plants allow Royal Silver Company to reduce importation of key ingredients.   We are Bolivia's only silver smelter, refinery and mint.


Thanks to our pre-IPO investors, Royal Silver Company has grown in size and value.  When all our plants are completed, shareholders will be rewarded with a company worth much more than their original investment.  Persons interested in owning Royal Silver Company, before we take the company public, should contact us to see if pre-IPO shares are available for sale.


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