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ARGOX is a powerful hydrometallurgical process, invented by the founder of Royal Silver Company and designed to process silver-bearing sulfo-salts of antimony and arsenic, known as tetrahedrytes.  The extraction of silver from sulfide ores and concentrates, using ARGOX, is the highest rate of extraction known to industry at 99.7%.USPTO patent document contains all the technical details.  ARGOX plants could replace traditional lead smelters.  Royal Silver Company is building two ARGOX plants in Bolivia.  All of Royal Silver's production lines have been designed and engineered to be zero-emissions.


Our refinery produces the world's purest commercial silver, guaranteed to be .99999 (5x9) pure.   Our Andean Cat silver bullion rounds are 100 times more pure than Silver Eagles, Chinese Pandas, Vienna Philharmonics, etc.  Our rounds are guaranteed to weigh 1 troy ounce or more.  
Customers of Royal Silver Company can buy our silver rounds with peace of mind, knowing they will receive the highest-purity silver, produced by the world's only zero-emissions smelter and refinery that promises our silver was extracted from ores without contaminating the environment.


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